Versatile in use,<br>unique in function!

What is Spoolz® and why should I use it?

If you are interested in innovation by looking for something special, you have found it here and now:

  • stylish eyecatcher
  • clever & compact
  • an excellent choice

Enrich your previous experience in handling bags with the extra IQ of Spoolz®.

Smart and clean,

take Spoolz®,

go green.

Spoolz® is therefore revolutionary both in its easy handling and its unique style.

  • quick and easy to use (only 1 pull!)
  • load capacity of the carrying bag up to 15kg
  • integrated chip for the shopping trolley
  • key ring to attach to your belt, handbag or wherever else you want to fasten your Spoolz®
  • customized designs according to your needs

You will most likely have a lot of fun with your Spoolz®, because the possible applications are only limited by your own imagination.

Become a Spooler®, kick the plastic bag habit and let us know your thoughts!

What about creating with you an individually looking Spoolz® which is environment friendly, unique in its style and function?

Spoolz® shall last you as well as following generations by supporting the planet in the urgently needed decrease of disposable plastic bag consumption.

Are you ready to become a Spooler® by creating your own extraordinary Spoolz® with a long lasting credibility?

The choice is yours!

braincrafted & designed by rc – rich creativity