At this point I would like to take the opportunity to thank all fellows who have helped me to realize my idea and who have actively supported me further.

Thank you – God, family and true friends!

My special thanks go to my family, my entire team and all innovative thinking cooperation partners for their care and support.
The Almighty is in heaven, always vigilant.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to live life, to be healthy and for the paths I have taken so far and hopefully will be able to take in the future.
Thank you to all human beings who are honest with me – respect is due to all of you! Great appreciation is also due to those who had and still have an open ear for business problems.

Furthermore, a big thank you goes to all my business partners for the good cooperation as well as to all lateral thinkers for the contributed knowledge.

And a final word of thanks goes to the personalities who really stand by what they say. In my opinion, doing business means thinking innovatively, acting honestly and living humbly.
Let´s keep this up!

Chris M. Lorenz
Inventor of Spoolz®